Tailormade furnishing - feel at home in your Danish home

Need inspiration for furnishing your property in Denmark? Whether the purpose is to sell the property or give it a more comfortable atmosphere, I can help you create your dreamhouse. With my expertise at Indret til salg, I utilize the opportunities of your already existing furniture and accessories to create an attractive home for a potential buyer, or to create a perfect home for you in Denmark.

Interior design is my passion

My name is Karina Wedell van der Leeden, and I live in Charlottenlund north of Copenhagen. Here I run my business as a professional interior designer helping international customers design their house in a way that combines their style with my sense of Scandinavian quality and furnishing. I live and breathe to create outstanding interior designs, which is why my business is much more than work – it is a lifestyle.  

Let my sense of extraordinary furnishing help create your home 

A successful partnership between you and me is vital in making the house live up to its full potential. Thus, I always make sure to keep a dialogue with you throughout the whole process. Let us create an intriguing and personal home. Call me anytime at +45 20 66 61 21 or via k@indrettilsalg.dk. I am available for consults on site or as a complimentary 30-minute online call.